Woad To This

‘All the labouring men, women and children at Frome as deeply tinged
as ancient Britons with dark blue with the manufacture of cloth.’
Reverend Richard Warner, 1802

Carolyn Griffiths has spent more than four years researching the cloth and dye trades of Frome following the discovery of 18th century dye recipe books from Wallbridge and Welshmill held by the Bath Reference Library and The National Archives. The result is a book that spans the woad and cloth trade of Frome from a fulling mill lease of 1333 until the start of the industrial revolution.

This beautifully illustrated, 8 ½ x 11in book of 280 pages, would make a wonderful present for anyone interested in the town, the social and industrial history of the cloth trade, or textiles.

£28.50 inc UK P&P ISBN 978-09930605-5-7

You can it purchase via our Bookshop



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