Frome Society Yearbooks

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Frome Society publications are also available from the Hunting Raven Bookshop, Cheap Street, Frome, Frome Museum, Frome Information Centre or direct from Alastair MacLeay, Prospect House, Trudoxhill, Frome, Somerset BA11 5DP (01373 836 595 or

Yearbooks 1-4 (cd)
As Yearbooks 1-4 are out of print we have made PDF versions of them on a CD,

Year 1-4 cd
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Yearbook 5
Sewards of Frome, St Mary’s Orchardleigh, Cloford Manor House, Riot at Frome, Sheppards Cloth makers

Year 5

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Yearbooks 6  (cd)

Year 6 cd

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Yearbook 7
Hapsford House Great Elm, Fussells Iron Works Mells, Longleat below stairs, William Beckfords gardens at Witham Fonthill and Lansdown

Year 7

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Yearbook 8
The Dowling family, The Cockeys of the West Country, Whitehole Farm Leigh on Mendip, Frome’s Achilles Motor Cars, Limpley Stoke

Year 8

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Yearbook 9
The Sage of Marston; Memoirs of Henley Grove; The Piggeries and Hooper’s Close; Henry Dowling ‘the Boots’;  Seven Somerset Church Towers, etc.

Year 9

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Yearbook 10
The Old Rectory,Corsley; Early Memoirs of Frome; Evacuees in Frome during the Second World War; Witham Friary Monumental insriptions, etc.

Year 10

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Yearbook 11
Mells 1916-30 remembered; The Thrashers of Frome; Dean Ramsay in Frome and Rodden; Bellerica Farm; A Schoolmaster’s Appointment, etc.

Year 11

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Yearbook 12
This celebrates 50 years of the Frome Society for Local Study with articles on the first 21 years, a superb collection of drawings of Marston etc by Gerard LaRoche.

Year 12

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Yearbook 13
St. Aldhelm: his life and work, the Theshers of Frome (Part 2), Marston’s Antique Maps, Vallis Limestone Quarries, the Woollen Industry in Frome

Year 13

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Yearbook 14
Memoirs of an American GI, the Portrait of Bishop Thomas Ken,  letters  to Lord Carlingford by his Steward, Secrets of  the Linen Press

Year 14

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Yearbook 15
The world of Samuel Daniel, the Weaver  family of Hemington  and Frome, Jack Lauterwasser: Olympic Silver Medallist, and other articles.

Year 15

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Yearbook 16 (cd)

Year 16 cd

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Yearbook 17
Downside Abbey, The Frome Show, Frome’s WWI Tank, A visit to Stonehenge, Frome in WWII,  104 pp mostly in Colour

Year 17

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Yearbook 18
Captain Charles Jolliffe by John Jolliffe, Sir Charles Oatley’s Memories of Frome, The Witches of Beckington by Andrew Pickering

Year 18

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Yearbook 19
Marston Mill, Bishop Ken, Brunswick Place & the Rossetti’s, Edward Flatman, Warfare, John Allen Giles pt 3, Jane Sinkins, Marchants House, Mr Gladstone.


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Yearbook 20
There are leading articles by Tim Hopkinson-Ball and Nick Hersey describe the life and work of two extraordinary characters: Dom Ethelbert Horne, a monk at Downside Abbey, who was a polymath who oversaw excavations at Glastonbury Abbey, researched scratch dials on churches and holy wells and was a leading archaeologist in Somerset for 50 years; he was also a prolific author on Somerset subjects. Emma Sheppard, wife of the clothier, George Wood Sheppard, both helped the poor, particularly women sent to the workhouse and founded a school for the children of the employees at Fromefield House. She was the outstanding philanthropist of 19th century Frome.
There is a further extract from the educationalist, Clara Grant’s autobiography, ‘Farthing Bundles’, and an entertaining history of Stourhead and the Hoares by Emily Blanshard. Mick Davis describes his researches into the standing stones in gardens off Bath Road and there is a description of the geology of ECOS, the European Community of Stone, when the stones were installed next to the Merlin Theatre.
Gillian Hogarth recalls the trials and tribulations of the churches, high and low, during the later 19th century with particular reference to the influence of the Tractarian, Rev WJE Bennett.

Year 20 cover

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Yearbook 21
Eunice Overend describes the night when she helped to save Exeter Cathedral from total destruction during a Baedeker raid in 1940 and Michael McGarvie follows the history of the garden at Longleat House. John Moxon recounts the changes in transport through the ages and how they have influenced the methods of travelling. Janet Dowding describes the surviving milestones in and around Frome.
Life of successful non-conformist clothiers in the first half of the 19th century is recalled in Thomas Green’s diary of 1827. Shelagh Fleming discovered an isolated aqueduct which led to her research on the branch of the Dorset and Somerset Canal. There are two murder stories: Henry Cuzner killed another boy in Frome and, after he was released from prison, led an itinerant life until his death at 41 in Chicago while Peter Corbett describes the eventful day in 1861 when a young man from Buckland Dinham was murdered by his uncle. David Smart analyses the ownership of a terrace of three cottages in Trudoxhill and shows the close relationships that existed in a late 19th century village and there is an article on the first camera club in Frome.
The difficulties of the suffragette movement in Frome are described by Janet Howard and Peter Williams recalls Frome in the the 1950s. John Payne’s walk to a derelict farm gives rise to an enchanting poem of lost memories.

Boadicea (1)

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