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The Buildings of Frome (3rd edition) by Rodney Goodall
Rodney Goodall was an architect in Frome for over 40 years. He uses his specialist knowledge to describe the development of the town with detailed descriptions of Frome’s outstanding collection of buildings from 1500 to 2000AD. He relates the buildings to the economic and social history of the town. Fully illustrated. 150 pages. 15x21cm

BoF308sh copy
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Book of Frome (5th edition) by Michael McGarvie
Michael McGarvie, Frome’s foremost historian, has written the definitive history of Frome and describes the development of the town from its foundation by St Aldhelm in 685 until 2000AD. There are chapters on all aspects of the town from its origin to the present day. It is fully illustrated and has many rare photographs, drawings and maps. 163 pages. 16x24cm


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Frome Through the Ages (2nd edition) by Michael McGarvie.
Michael McGarvie has compiled an anthology of nearly 150 extracts and descriptions relevant to Frome which were published to coincide with the celebration of the town’s 1300th anniversary in 1985, with many original photographs. 176 pages. 15x21cm
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Through A

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Bath Street
Derek Gill describes the evolution of Bath Street from its development in 1810-13. Each house is detailed with a list of previous uses and owners. There are several rare photographs, advertisements and maps. 86 pages. 16×22 cm


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Willow Vale
The authors describe the development of Willow Vale and its houses from a hive of industrial activity to become one of the most tranquil and attractive streets in Frome. Previous uses and inhabitants of each house are given in detail and all buildings are illustrated by fine colour photographs. 90 pages. 15×21 cm

Willow V

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Frome Place Names
Michael McGarvie has compiled an erudite and entertaining description of the derivation of the place and street names in Frome. Many of these date from the middle ages or recall the names of householders who lived in the street. 38 pages. 17.5×24 cm


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Heritage Trail (v2) edited by Alastair MacLeay
The trail follows a series of plaques which were installed by the Frome-Selwood Building Society to celebrate the 1300th anniversary of the founding of Frome in 685AD. The pamphlet guides the reader through the whole of the old town and describes the important buildings in their historical context. There are many illustrations together with a list of plaques installed by the Frome Society for Local Study. 16 pages. 15×21 cm

Her Trail

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Argyll House
Michael McGarvie describes the history of this fine Palladian grade II* listed building in Gentle Street with details of previous owners and uses from 1766 to 2000. 28 pages. 17.5×24 cm

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The Blue House
There has been an alms house on the site of the Blue House since the middle ages. The pamphlet describes the adaptation of this grade I listed building over 200 years to the needs of the present day. Fully illustrated. 16 pages. 15×21 cm

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Industries of Frome
Rodney Goodall describes the development of Frome’s industries from the middle ages through the prosperous years of cloth production in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and its subsequent decline. Other industries grew to take its place until their subsequent collapse at the end of the 20th century.
96 pages. 15×21 cm


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The Butler & Tanner Story by Lorraine Johnson
Lorraine Johnson follows the development of Butler and Tanner from its foundation by William Langford printing labels for his chemist shop to become the finest colour printer in the country. The trials and tribulations of operation in wartime are covered, together with the slow decline of the company which ended in closure in 2014. There are descriptions of many of the leading characters. The book is superbly illustrated. 133 pages. 17×24 cm


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Experiences of a 19th C Gentleman (The Bunn Diaries)
edited by Derek Gill.  Thomas Bunn (1767-1853), solicitor and visionary, had a major influence on the development of Frome. Derek Gill has chosen and edited extracts from his diaries which describe the people that he met and the activities that took place in Frome over his lifetime. 196 pages. 17×24 cm


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The Sheppards & 18th Century Frome by Derek Gill
Derek Gill describes the Sheppard family who were the most important clothiers in Frome and how they developed the area between South Parade and Catherine Street during the 17th and 18th centuries. There are descriptions of several important buildings that they owned in the town.
50 pages. 15×21 cm. Now on CD.


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Crime & Punishment in Regency Frome edited by Michael McGarvie
The journals of Isaac Gregory, Constable of Frome in 1813-4 and 1817-8 give an original description of how life was lived in the town and the trials and tribulations suffered by the constable in the early part of the 19th century. 63 pages. 17×23.5 cm


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The Future of the Past by Douglas Twelvetrees
This is a description of the formation of the Frome Society for Local Study in 1958 by a group of Frome people who wished to save the history of the town. The development of the society over the first 15 years is detailed including the creation and separation of Frome Museum. 22 pages. 14.5x21cm

Future of

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Historic Inns of Frome by Mick Davis and Valerie Pitt

The authors have produced an exhaustive list of all recorded public houses in Frome and district together with the names of the landlords. There are many stories associated with the inns and the book is fully illustrated with many old photographs. 181 pages. 16×23.5 cm
ISBN 9780956098993

Working Memories edited by John Payne

This is a miscellany of recollections of people recalling their childhood and spoken memories of Frome which creates an oral history of the town and how the town has changed over the years since the war. Fully illustrated and expertly edited. 144 pages. 23×21 cm
ISBN 9780948975998

Frome Society publications are also available from the Hunting Raven Bookshop, Cheap Street, Frome, Frome Museum, Frome Information Centre or direct from Alastair MacLeay, Prospect House, Trudoxhill, Frome, Somerset BA11 5DP (01373 836 595 or