Historic Maps

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1838 (on CD)
The Borough of Frome Surveyed by Maitland & Dixon January 1838

This detailed map gives the plot numbers in the town and can be correlated with St Johns Church rate books for the period 1846 to 1851. It is also possible to work back from 1846 to 1838 where properties have changed hands. The complete map has been split into sections with a separate index supplied.

1838 map

£12.00 inc UK P&P

Ordnance Survey map of Frome 1886 on CD

1886 map cd

£12.00 inc UK P&P

Ordnance Survey map of central Frome 1886

This is the same map (scale 1:1000) as the preceding one but only covers the nine sheets of central Frome. It is normally supplied folded and opens out to 127×83 cm. It can be supplied flat if required.


£12.00 inc UK P&P

Ordnance Survey map of Frome 1903

This map covers most of Frome and is normally supplied flat but can be folded, if required. The scale is 1:2500 and size is 95.5×82 cm.

Posted as a roll.

1903 map

£12.00 inc UK P&P

Frome Society publications are also available from Winstones (Hunting Raven) Bookshop, Cheap Street, Frome, Frome Museum, Frome Information Centre or direct from Mick Davis, Frome Museum, 1 North Parade, Frome, Somerset BA11 1AT (01373 454611 or publications@fsls.org.uk).