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Of Mounds and Men

The prehistoric  barrows of the Frome area are described as they appear today. Many of the sites were first recorded by Rev John Skinner, vicar of Camerton from 1800 to 1839. He was a fascinating and difficult man whose diaries have been stored in the British Library since his death in 1839. During his time as an antiquarian he sketched and opened many barrows from the neolothic and bronze ages, and his descriptions and drawings of local sites are reproduced for the first time in this book. The author has visited each site and has photographed, wherever possible,to provide the first comprehensive guide to prehistoric barrows in North Somerset. It serves asan introduction to the history of the period and as a guidebook to be taken on visits. 137 pages 16 x 24 cm ISBN 9781961264700

£14.50 inc UK P&P

Villages of the Frome Area: A History by Peter Belham

Peter Belham describes the development of the villages close to Frome from the Norman conquest to the end of the 20th century. He explains the influence of their geography on their growth and the importance of Frome as a centre of the region. With many line illustrations.

150 pages. 15×21 cm


£7.00 inc UK P&P

The Bounds of Selwood by Michael McGarvie
Michael McGarvie examines the extent of the Royal Forest of Selwood and describes the boundaries assigning them to known farms and trackways. This is a very detailed study which gives the reader an opportunity to identify mediaeval Selwood Forest. 27 pages. 14.5×21 cm


£5.00 inc UK P&P

History of Mells by Rev FW Cleverdon (3rd edition)
This village history was originally published in 1974. Rev Cleverdon, who was rector of Mells from 1959-69, used the church records and Horner manuscripts to produce a well researched ountacc of the village from the middle ages to 1970. Illustrated with many old photographs. 101 pages. 15×21 cm ISBN 970956586988

mellscover copy

£10.00 inc UK P&P

The History of Nunney by Anthony Windrum (2nd edition)
Anthony Windrum’s description of Nunney covers a period of over 1000 years with special emphasis on religion, military affairs and the economic and social history of the village. Fully illustrated with old photographs and line drawings. 112 pages. 15×21 cm ISBN 094801413X


£10.00 inc UK P&P

The Toll-houses of Somerset by Janet Dowding and Patrick Taylor
This well researched book describes all the known toll houses in Somerset both those still extant and those that have been demolished. There is a full photographic record of existing buildings and many no longer in existence. 174 pages. 15×23 cm ISBN 9781907154058

Toll Houses

£13.00, inc. UK P&P IISBN 9781907154058

Marston House by Michael McGarvie (revised edition)
This detailed history and guide to Marston House describes the building and architecture of this magnificent seat of the Earls of Cork and Orrery, particularly covering the period of reconstruction in the 1980s. 32 pages. 15×21 cm ISBN 0948448024


£5.00, inc. UK P&P             

Mystery of Fidele (2nd edition) by Michael McGarvie
Michael McGarvie describes the relationship between Henry Newbolt and the Duckworths of Orchardleigh and the dog monument which formed the basis for his poem ‘Fidele’s Grassy Tomb’.
35 pages. 15×21 cm ISBN 0948014237

£3.50, inc. UK P&P

The Kings Peace Diary of Thomas Horner edited by Michael McGarvie
Thomas Horner was a magistrate sitting in Mells and Frome in the middle of the 18th century. These extracts from his diary written in 1770-7 give a vivid picture of the petty crimes, mainly committed by the poor, which he heard and on which he gave sympathetic judgement. With a detailed introduction by Michael McGarvie. 188 pages. 15×22 cm. For a list of names in the text download here.
ISBN 948014180

Kings P

£9.00 inc UK P&P ISBN 978-0-948014-18-5

Woodhouse Castle

The authors describe the background and history of Woodhouse Castle which was between Frome and Warminster. There is also more recent information about Woodhouse Farm which shares the same site as the castle. 93 pages 14 x 21.5 cm ISBN 9781912020904

£12.50 inc UK P&P

The following books have been researched by different local groups of people under the direction of Joyce Jefferson. They are extremely detailed covering all aspects of each village’s history, including geography, industry, natural history, economy, education, architecture and the people who have lived there. They are all fully illustrated with photographs and maps.

The Book of Leigh-on-Mendip
Publication by Joyce Jefferson M.A., Leigh History Group 2010


£13.50 inc UK P&P

A History of Holcombe
edited by Joyce Jefferson MA. 124 pages. 21×30 cm


£13.50 inc UK P&P

A History of Wanstrow
edited by Joyce Jefferson MA. 104 pages. 21×30 cm


£13.50 including UK P&P

A History of Stoke St Michael
edited by Joyce Jefferson MA. 89 pages. 21×29.5 cm


£11.50 inc UK P&P

Stoke St Michael in old photographs by Joyce Jefferson, Jennie O’Kane and Janet Jacob
90 pages. 21×29.5 cm

Stoke photos

£10.50 inc UK P&P

A History of Chapmanslade

edited by Joyce Jefferson MA.  102 pages  21×30 cm

 Chapmanslade cover

£13.50 inc UK P&P

Frome Society publications are also available from Winstones  (Hunting Raven) Bookshop, Cheap Street, Frome, Frome Museum, Frome Information Centre or direct from Mick Davis, Frome Museum, 1 North Parade, Frome, Somerset BA11 1AT (01373 454611 or