Civic Society

Frome and District Civic Society

Do you care about Frome & want to know more about plans for the future of Frome ? Do you want to make Frome a better place for everyone ? Then join Frome and District Civic Society. We need your support. Frome and District Civic Society is affiliated to the Frome Society for Local Study. Membership of one society, automatically ensures membership of both.

What are the Society’s aims ?

The aim of Frome and District Civic Society is to create a better town for everyone.

We aim to:

  • Stimulate people’s interest in the town, to raise awareness of its special character and identity, and to promote civic pride.
  • Provide a forum for discussing the future of the town, so that your views are heard.
  • Safeguard buildings and areas of historic interest.
  • Campaign for high quality design and materials in new developments.
  • Fight for better traffic and parking policies and safer roads, for the benefit of all.

What is the Society doing now ?

Currently the Frome and District Civic Society is actively involved in:

* Fighting for a balanced and high quality development at Saxonvale/Garsdale, including a riverside park.

* Analysing the Selwood Garden Village proposals – see research here.

* Reviewing the Boxworks application and suggesting alternative ideas.

* Participating in the Saxonvale consultation by Nash Partners & MDC. See our responses here.

* Working to enlarge the conservation areas to include more historic buildings.

* Providing regular advice on planning applications to Frome Town Council and Mendip District Council.

* Providing advice and guidance to the Mendip Conservation Advisory Panel.

* Organising Frome’s annual Heritage Open Days event.

* Arranging town talks and walks.

What are the Society’s achievements?

During the past thirty years, Frome and District Civic Society has:
*  Campaigned successfully to save and restore the Trinity housing area
*  Fought for the preservation of important buildings, including Rook Lane Chapel.
*  Pressed for the building of the bypass.
*  Undertaken an environmental audit of the town with the Civic Trust Regeneration Unit.

If you want to get in touch with the Civic Society email to send a message to the Civic Society Chair

2 Responses to Civic Society

  1. Phoebe Bacon says:

    Good clear site … I wonder why you are also called From Society for Local Study ?
    Also I belong to Shaftesbury Civic Society (on the Committee). please how many members .. of your Society do you have .. and what is the Towns overall population .(in your estimation)
    Many thanks. Phoebe Bacon


  2. Frome Civic Society says:

    Hi Phoebe,
    Thanks for your message. Frome Civic Society merged with Frome Society for local Study many years ago. We share the same objectives, membership is combined. We continue as ‘Frome Civic Society’ for all planning matters. We have about 450 members at the moment. Membership is capped at 460 due to limitations on the size of venue available for talks.
    Frome is a rapidly growing town. The latest estimated population is about 25,000.
    Please do let us know if you have any more questions.


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