Selwood Garden Community

‘Selwood Garden Community’ is a proposed major development covering 240 acres of greenfield land to the south of Frome, bounded by Marston Road, the B3092 and railway line, and the A361 (Frome Bypass), and also including land to the south of the A361.

Frome Civic Society has examined the proposals for this development in detail and has submitted an objection to the application. See the full document here Civic Society response

The Applicants are Land Value Alliances, an investor and planning project manager in UK land and property, and the Selwood Garden Community landowner consortium.  The application is for up to 1,700 dwellings, two care homes, 12 hectares of employment land, a mixed use local centre for primary school, cafes/restaurant and convenience store and other supporting social and physical infrastructure, provision of green space and other supporting ancillary works.

This application is for Outline Planning Permission, which includes only the broad parameters of the scheme and four new vehicular site access points from the existing highway. All other matters, including access within the site, layout, scale, appearance, and landscaping are reserved for future, more detailed applications.

The full documentation for this application can be found under reference 2021/1675/EOUT of the Mendip District Council Planning Portal.


Frome Civic Society objects to this application. Our reasons are explained in full in this document, but are summarised as follows.

1. The application is unsupported by any local plan. Granting consent for a speculative development of this strategic scale would pre-empt the urgent Local Plan Review to 2040.

2. The proposal fails to demonstrate social, economic and environmental sustainability and as such does not satisfy the 2021 National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) presumption in favour of sustainable development.

3. The public benefits of the proposed development are of limited value and the need for the proposed quantum of development is unproven.

4. The adverse impacts on the town and surrounding countryside would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits when assessed against NPPF policies.

5. There is no proposed framework for delivering sustainable and complex urban growth on the scale of the proposed development.

We conclude that the multiple reasons for refusal substantially outweigh any benefit to be gained by allowing this proposal to proceed.

Site location
Parameter plan – density