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Officers and Committee of the Society
President – Hilary Daniel
Chair: Sara Morris
Vice-Chair: Mike Hobbs
Hon. Secretary: Pat Eames
Treasurer: Brian Marshall
Membership Secretary: Sheila Gore             07810 833246
Richard Swann
Admin: Lorraine Johnson
Jennie O’Kane
Paul Truscott

Liz Corfield
Mick Davis
Bob Cuzner

Frome Civic Society Chair is Dr Patricia Smith.

Our constitution is here; FROME LOCAL SOCIETY Constitution

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On October 13th 2018 we celebrated our 60th anniversary.  By happy coincidence, Selwood School (the venue of the very first FSLS lecture in 1958)  also celebrated 60 years and invited us to hold our own celebrations at the school.
The day included lunch, entertainment, a lecture and an exhibition.


On July 27th 2008 we celebrated 50 years of Frome Society for Local Study at Marston House. Above: from left to right: Donald Heseltine, Paul Truscott, Pat Tayler, Alan Yeates, Jennie O’Kane, Anne Wallis, Marie-Louise MacLeay, Alastair MacLeay, Sheila Powell,  Joyce Wilson, Derek Wilson, Jean Fraser, and Pat Eames.