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We have talks in Autumn & Winter and trips in Spring & Summer each year. For further details see the current Contact magazine (via the Bookshop page).

2020 Talks & Trips

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We will be having the Saturday afternoon zoom lectures as advertised in Contact and below.

TALKS  – normally at The Assembly Rooms, Christchurch St West, Frome but we have replaced these with Zoom Lectures. See below.
Talks start at 2.00pm.FSLS members only.
TRIPS –  watch this space for future trips. We provide two Departure Points. The main Departure/Return point will be at the Rugby Club – please park behind the clubhouse.
We also pick up members at the Memorial Theatre on Christchurch Street West, at the Bus Stop Opposite to the Memorial Theatre, which will also be the returning drop-off point.  The advertised Coach Departure Time is for the Rugby Club, to which ten minutes is added to determine the pick up time for the Memorial Theatre.

 Bookings to Pat Eames on 464464. Alt. for emergency use 07493 419398

Guests pay £3 supplement. Please mention any dietary needs when you book and remember you are responsible for your own insurance.


TALKS  – Assembly Rooms, Christchurch St West, Frome
I feel very sad to be giving our loyal members such poor service in 2020 but Coronavirus has been responsible for this. In view of this much reduced programme the Society wont seek to raise subscriptions until at least January 2022.
I hope all our members remain well and are in good spirits.
Best Wishes

Sara (Chair of the FSLS Committee)


December 19th 2020. Peter Clark – Winston Churchill and the West of England
There are thousands of books written about Winston Churchill. The Society’s former Chairman, Peter Clark, is adding to the literature with an unexplored angle. He has written about the places in the UK (including Ireland) that have some association with him. Churchill’s Britain: from the Antrim Coast to the Isle of Wight is being published by Haus in September 2020. Peter will focus on Churchill’s associations with Somerset and Bristol. He will talk about Churchill’s first political speech, where he was publicly whipped by a suffragette and will illustrate some lesser known aspects of the Churchill story.

Saturday 23 January Andy Skinner – Southampton: A Virtual Tour

Join a ‘walking tour’ from the safety and comfort of your own home! This ‘tour’ is actually an online illustrated talk which combines photographs of the locations you would visit as well as additional images to help bring the stories alive! Join Southampton-based historian Andy Skinner on a sojourn in the Old Town of Southampton, discovering some incredible stories from the annals of Southampton’s incredibly varied and vivid past!

The Outings Committee hope the postponed plan from September 2020 to visit the Tudor House Museum and the optional walk around the Old Town will be happening in September 2021.

Saturday 6 February Stephen Lisney – Doris Hatt: Revolutionary Artist

The 20th-century artist Doris Hatt (1890–1969) was described in her lifetime as ‘an artist of distinction’ who pursued her own path ‘with delicate modesty and with an artist’s curiosity and conscience.’ Stephen Lisney, who co-authored the book that accompanied the splendid exhibition of Doris’s work at the Museum of Somerset in 2019, will tell us about Doris, a woman ahead of her time, a feminist and socialist whose remarkable life and work have remained surprisingly little known. Doris was a Somerset pioneer of British Modernism and her work included portraiture, still lifes and landscapes. Her painting style developed over time as she absorbed the major influences of the works of Cézanne, Picasso, Braque, and Léger

Saturday 20th February Michael Davis – Adelard of Bath: the First English Scientist

Michael Davis, the Director of the Bath Royal Scientific and Literary Institute is a long-standing champion of Adelard. While much of Europe languished in the Dark Ages there was a Golden Age of Arabic Science including Avicenna, Alhazen and Biruni. Scientific learning in England was relatively backward, with few advances since Classical times; books were rare and scholarship confined to monasteries. It is against this background that we must judge Adelard of Bath (1080-1155) – translator, philosopher, mathematician, scientist and certainly the greatest English thinker before Roger Bacon. His translations of some of the most important Greek and Arabic texts into Latin and his original work on meteorology, astronomy, botany and zoology all mark him out as a true giant.

Saturday 6th March Andy Skinner – Mayflower 400

Most people associate the Mayflower with Plymouth, but Southampton was the planned departure point, and where she left in August 1620. In this talk historian Andy Skinner will take a look at the Southampton of the early seventeenth-century, exploring the role of the town in the Mayflower story as well as providing some historical context to one of the most famous journeys ever undertaken.

Saturday 20 March Amy Frost – William Beckford: The Extraordinary Collector

William Beckford, the builder of Fonthill Abbey and Beckford’s Tower in Bath was a legend in his own lifetime and has already nine biographies. Amy Frost, the Senior Curator of Bath Preservation Trust, is an expert on Beckford and will tell us about his lifetime, obsessive passions for collecting and the need for his buildings to be designed to display to best effect the collections he had amassed. These included ivories, lacquer work, porcelain, silver and gold, precious stones, glassware, intaglios, manuscripts, rare books, coins, carpets, paintings and furniture. Arranging and re-arranging his collections was one of Beckford’s recreations. He believed ‘Everything depends on the way objects are placed, and where’

Zoom lectures are new territory for both Frome Society and for some of our lecturers. There might be problems as we learn but please bear with us.

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