The Frome Society for Local Study was founded in 1958 by a number of Frome townspeople who realised there was a need to make the history of Frome and the district better known, and to preserve its historic buildings and records.

We have a wide range of fascinating books about the town and surrounding
villages, plus old maps & our own Yearbooks.

Currently, the Frome Society for Local Study is actively involved in:

  •   An annual programme of winter lectures.
  •   An annual programme of summer visits to places of interest.
  •  Continuing its wide range of research, donations, and publications.
President: Michael McGarvie FSA
Chair: Julian Watson                                        01373 465664
Vice-Chair: Liz O’Sullivan                                 01373 812201
Secretary: Margery Hyde                                01373 453395
Treasurer: Judith Macarthur                          01373 453151
Membership Secretary: Janet Howard         01373 473733

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Latest ‘Contact’ magazine is downloadable here (Spring 2017)
 CONTACT Spring 2017

In the past. Frome Society for Local Study has:

*   Helped to establish and run Frome Museum.
*   Gathered and safeguarded information on Frome’s history.
*   Played a leading role in conserving historic buildings, including Marston House.
*   Given donations to many local projects.
*   Given financial assistance for research.
*   Purchased and repaired important relics.
*   Provided plaques to mark buildings of interest.
*   Helped to set up Frome Town Twinning.

*   Published over 80 titles of historic and local interest, including 19 Year Books.

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